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Dracula's Transilvanian Chroncles

Dracula's Transilvanian Chronicles

Unlock the enigmatic secrets of Dracula’s origin as he bares his soul in a haunting confession.

Dive into a captivating trilogy set in fifteenth-century Transylvania, where dark forces entwine the lives of Dracula and the women who moulded his immortal existence.

Explore their enduring quests for love, forgiveness, and redemption, in a tale that will grip your heart and soul.


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A Note From D.S. Crowe

I always thought it fascinating that Dracula emerged as the primordial vampire and captivated the imagination of so many generations with only a scarce presence throughout Bram Stoker’s novel.

It is sad that this lack of self-affirmation in the original novel allowed for a gap that has been filled by many followers with ridiculous sketches of a personality that lacks motivation and consistency.

At this time when the world’s fascination with vampires and their Transylvanian cradle is as intense as ever, I felt compelled to investigate, restore and enrich Dracula’s image, to give him depth, background and purpose, to give him a voice.

So, drawing on Stoker, I welcome you to my book. Come freely. Read happily. And hold on to something of the consuming passion it holds.

- D.S. Crowe

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